About Us


By professional pro-client approach and comprehensive custom made solutions we have been developing our reputation of being an accepted commercial and insolvency law experts for important reference clientele and difficult cases. We have been building identical background of leading experts with maximum effort in these sections to meet increasing demand for our services in solving of mergers, acquisitions, disputes, debts and civil or criminal cases.

We constantly improve company systems, processes, knowledge and technologies because we want our clients to be absolutely satisfied. We want to grow and be brilliant as individuals together with company, therefore we objectively and above standard appreciate our team, invest into its development and education, support cooperation and whole company communication at all levels and at the same time we take into consideration interests and aims of each of us.

The exceptional professional forces are regularly increasing with young talents, professionally and linguistically the most competent experts at market, who will be loyal team players with the biggest effort, desire to grow together with company, persistence, moral and ethic standards and maximum sense for detail, responsibility and independence in creative solving of problems.


Our aim is to be the most sought-after legal centre with unique draft of providing the comprehensive spectrum of first-rate legal services nationwide, with relating business and investment consultancy at the highest level. We will always be one step ahead - we want to able to foresee and grasp new opportunities correctly and provide sophisticated and modern custom made solutions, which get ahead of expectations of the most demanding.

Corporate values